Affordable Conference Calls


Would you like to spend more time interacting with your clients or deciphering confusing conference call bills?

All of our plans include a call detail report that is emailed after every call. Our unlimited minutes plan also includes a final invoice each month.

With our pre-paid minutes plan, a monthly bill will be sent to you including the flat charge. Any extras that may have been used for a particular call (e.g. web conferencing services or toll-free access options) are billed on the day they are used.

All bills include the phone numbers for all who dialed in as well as the number of minutes each participant was on a call. All network fees, such as the Universal Service Fee, are clearly listed.

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Affordable Conference Calls is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Client Instant Access, LLC – a reliable conference call provider for the financial industry since 1997.

Since 2001, we have made our advanced conference call infrastructure and professionally staffed customer service available to business of all sizes.

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